Workshops and Courses

Bringing you the skills and best practices of the most successful entrepreneurs.

We’ve been trained to be subject matter masters, but not how to communicate what we know effectively to others. We need to be as-good-talking-about-what-we-do as what-we-do.

– Chuck Goldstone

Tools to Succeed

Experts can suggest. Nudge. Cajole. Give advice. Help with some of the heavy lifting. But ultimately, you have to make the decisions. What you do. How you tell the world about it.

We’ll make you good at that. Surprisingly better than you expected. Better than those also competing for attention.

Through classes, workshops, roundtables, and personalized coaching, we’ll teach you skills entrepreneurs must have to excel. Be productive. Efficient. Confident. Painlessly.

A small investment of time and dollars, but an immense return-on-investment.

Arming you with indispensable  tools to make the right decisions and convince the world that you are worth their attention.


It’s About Your Story. 
Answering the question, “What do you do?”

It’s not about elevator pitches, bullet-riddled decks, or public speaking. Nor about ten-slide templates. It is story and the art-and-science of reaching investors, markets, strategic partners, and anyone else you need to make you successful. If you wait until you think you need these tools, you have already lost valuable time and opportunity.

Effective communication is at the core of everything you do. Listening to your inner smarts as you design your product and strategy and crafting un-ignorable message and a compelling voice to reach others. Learning how to awe.

This comprehensive, master class provides:

  • Science-and-art based Principles
  • Over three dozen Practices
  • A step-by-step Process to assure that nothing falls through the cracks
  • Tips and Guidelines
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Fuel for your Confidence
  • The Incentive to put these to use 

Creativity, Vision, Problem Solving 

An Ahhh-Inspiring™ Workshop

Novel and unbridled thinking fuel innovation and entrepreneurship. This half-day workshop is for those who never considered themselves all-too creative or are, but want to tap more.

Creativity is not about drawing pictures or playing the ukulele. It’s the magical process of invention. Discovery. Looking at the familiar and seeing something new. Vision. Eureka!

All you need are a few jumpstart tools and permission you give yourself to be imaginative.

Straying on Track ™ is an in insightful, playfully entertaining program to give you practical tools to awaken your inner muse and show you how creative you actually are. You’ll exploit vision as a business asset, and:

  • Discover new insights … about insight
  • Adopt a dozen creativity-igniting  practices
  • Break roadblocks. See beyond the obvious
  • Harness the creative accident
  • Use other’s ideas as a springboard
  • Celebrate failure and emerge with a better idea
  • Astound yourself as you tap a fertile unconscious

You’ll leave with a brain-full of ways to make your ideas better, your pitches more engaging, and your work more rewarding. You’ll open floodgates to trigger the “Ah-ha!” in ourselves and the “Ahhh!” in others.

You’ll change the way you look at…the way you look at…everything else.

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Roundtable: 360° of Innovation

Why struggle figuring it out when someone may already have an answer to your problem?

We are all in this together. Benefiting by sharing what we know and learning from others.

This regularly-scheduled ninety-minute roundtable is a low-risk, invitingly-open forum to bring questions, learn from peers and experts, and offer solutions to others

It’s an exchange. Group therapy for entrepreneurs. An angst-preventer. Time-saver to avoid re-inventing the wheel or squandering time unriddling what others already have. We’re probably not the first to face a certain challenge and we’re certainly not alone. This is a safe environment to share, as beneficiary or sage hero.

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Pitch Lab

Pitch Lab is not just about the opportunity to deliver your presentation, but to get immensely valuable critique and recommendations to help you improve. Well before you deliver it prime time to important audiences.

Remember, your pitch is often the only portal to reach and ignite the interest of a stakeholder.

Unlike most pitch events, Pitch Lab is about in-depth feedback, dissection, reconstruction, focusing well beyond whether someone likes your product, technology, or service. You’ll learn whether the message you intended to send is the one received. That that your were clear. That you impressed. That you will be remembered.

We’ll look at:

  • Your Business Idea: Does it seem like a good one?
  • Your Content: Did it cover what your audience expects?
  • Your Clarity: Did you express it well? Did your message come through? Where might there be confusion? What did they love? Not love?
  • Your Deck: Were you materials clear? Professional? Easy to understand? Consistent with your content? What image did you project?
  • Your Delivery: Were you poised? Confident? Prepared to answer questions?
  • Your Impact: Did you engage? Will they remember you? Will they ask you to tell them more? Can your audience now explain what you do to someone else? 

Your will have five minutes to present and will be recorded.
Feedback starts with your own review, followed by the critique of peers, who will also be presenting that day. It will conclude with a professional review. You will be surprised to learn as much critiquing as being critiques.

The session is limited to five companies in a four-hour lab.

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