A Few Words About Us.

Important only if what-we-do can help you.

You are not who you think you are, or even who you actually are. You are who THEY think you are.

It’s not their responsibility to try to understand. It’s yours to be understood.

– Chuck Goldstone

Strategies+Stories Approach

Most website menus start with a boastful “About Us.” Ours doesn’t.

Our two-plus decades of experience is meaningful only if it can be applied to what you need. Otherwise, it’s merely shameless bragging.

Because this is about you. Benefiting you by what we’ve learned developing high-end, high-impact marketing and training for companies of every stripe across the US. How we can apply our know-how to your unique needs to blossom or be more innovative.

You’ll profit from our broad, robust, and surprisingly eclectic experience as communication innovators, concept architects, strategists, writers, thought leaders.

We will apply what has worked well with others, but will confidently adapt and customize to fit  your unique needs. 

We’ll teach you to do what we do well. Helping you you master the art-and science of persuasion. To identify and reach the right people with the right message. And where you need us to simply do it for you, we will. 

About Chuck Goldstone


Chuck Goldstone has been a communications and story muscleman for as long as anyone can remember.

Starting first on-air in radio and television in Pittsburgh, then after a stint in academia, founding and running firms that help organizations apply powerful communications, strategy, and story  as a business and leadership asset.

His work has been driven by his  unbridled passion, enthusiasm, humor, intuition, and drive to make himself better by making others better.  Called a very good teacher, but always, a very attentive student.

As founder of Chuck Goldstone | Strategies and Stories and the New Venture Institute, he has coached, mentored, and trained a gazillion startups across the US and throughout Europe and Asia. 

His pioneering communications model and workshops have helped emerging and growing companies redefine their business strategies, secure funding, create strategic partnerships, and drive move investors and markets to action.

Previously, Chuck was founder and CEO of !deaworks | IdeaCorporation of America, which for two-plus decades developed high-end strategies, training, and marketing for many of the planet’s most prestigious companies, including Pepsi-Cola, General Cinema, Fidelity, Keurig, AstraZeneca, IBM, the Air Force and scores of industries and institutions in nearly every sector in the US, Canada, and Europe.

He has written and directed hundreds of video and film programs reaching millions of eyes in the Americas, Europe, and Asia and has developed communication campaigns for profits and non-profits here and abroad. And he has developed more slide decks than anyone can count.

His work in onboarding redefined new hire communication for major and mid-sized companies, and he was principle Practices Blogger nationally for onboarding for the Association for Talent Development. 

Chuck understands the characteristic of each medium and is beholden to none. The skill is picking the right one for best results.

As a radio  commentator, Chuck was heard by millions of listeners for more than two decades across the country on:

Public Radio International’s Monitor Radio,

American Public Media’s Marketplace


CBS Radio, as frequent guest and guest co-host, with over 120 appearance

Little known in the entrepreneurial world is Chuck’s parallel life as humorist and writer. He is author of: 

This Book Is Not a Toy: Friendly Advice on How to Avoid Death and Other Inconveniences. (St. Martin’s Press. New York) .

He was a contributing author in an anthologies of short stories, Snakes: A Serpent’s Tail (M. Evans. New York), edited by George Plimpton. His work sits alongside those of writers Tom Wolfe, George Plimpton, Margaret Atwood, Dave Barry, Jim Lehrer, Winston Groom, Mary Oliver, Susan Kinsolving, and others.

He is curator and writer of two humor websites.

Chuck holds an M.Ed from Boston University in Instructional Design and Technology and has served on the faculty and Board of Trustees at a number of colleges and universities. 

He has guest-lectured extensively in both graduate and undergraduate programs, and is a speaker and workshop leader for dozens  of incubators and accelerators in the US and abroad. 

His story and presentation model has been adopted as part of the course of study in a number of graduate and undergraduate programs. 

He studied with Robert McKee, internationally acclaimed story and screenwriting legend, whose students include over 600 Academy and Emmy Award writers and fiction writers.


Chuck, now based on Boston, hails from Pittsburgh.

He is a bit of a painter and an avid and unashamed ukulele player. 

As much info and background about Chuck that anyone who is not a relative would ever want to know can be found on LinkedIn and of course on Google. 

Or just call him and ask.

He is happy to share his story.

Our Team


He does not do it alone, but teams with some mighty talented people. 

Experts practitioners in design, production, technology, innovation, fundraising, finance, law, sales, and marketing. 

We’ll connect you with mentors, coaches, and pro-bono resources and help you make wise decisions on those services you will need to invest in. Where we are not the experts, we’ll try to connect you to those who are.

Once your story is polished, we might even introduce you to investors and key markets within our network.


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