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Astounding Results

I have yet to find an idea or technology so complex that it cannot be explained simply.

– Chuck Goldstone

Find Your Story • Voice

If Chuck can boast a superpower, it is an ability to listen and translate complexity into conversational simplicity. 

Helping you hone your strategy. Seeing if your idea is the right one or if a better one is sitting just beyond it. Identifying who you need to reach and how to reach them. Fueling your vision. Igniting new ideas.

Helping you craft a clear and memorable story. Articulating your vision. Transforming detail and technical clatter into simple ah-ha! explanations and turning jargon into poetic narrative. The right story for each audience.  The right medium. To capture attention. To engage. Be the one remembered. Funded. Hired. Admired. 

Startups to Global Giants 

Chuck has captured the ear and earned the trust of organizations of all sizes, from large and prestigious clients including Pepsi-Cola, Keurig, Fidelity, IBM, Astra-Zeneca, and hundreds of others in nearly every industry.

To startups of every kind, from idea-on-a-napkin stage through wealth-amassing exits. Sharing the practices of the most successful new ventures and pointing you to resources to help you launch and grow.

Showing you how to invest in yourself so others will invest in you.

Mentor • Catalyst • Coach

Through a single mentoring session or long-or-short term consulting engagement, we work by your side, as a guide, mentor, ombudsman, designer, translator, efficiency-finder, analyst, docent, sage, angst-reliever, advisor, concierge, confidant, pundit, repairman, cheerleader, gentle critic, fixer-upper—-to focus your thinking and elevate business plan, the impressiveness of your image, and the un-ignorable impact of your message.

Initial Pro-Bono One-on-One Office Hours • Expert Advice

Chat with Chuck.  First timers for free.

Sometimes a mere eye-opening session can change the direction of a company. So, bring your ideas, decks, and questions. We’ll open the floodgates to creativity and visionary thinking.

  • Strategy and business plan review
  • Story Architecture and Crafting
  • Deck, narrative, and pitch creation
  • Image, brand, and persona
  • The eloquent answer to “What do you do?”
  • Encouragement when support is needed

Book a vision-nurturing, free in-person office hour session for a Thursday afternoon session at Venture Cafe in Cambridge.

Book a free online session  during the week through ZOOM or SKYPE an available time of your choice.

Consulting • Coaching

Sometimes gently guiding the ideas locked inside you. Sometimes just telling you what you ought to do.

Book with Chuck. First timers for free.

Tap our experience. Insights. Strategic and creative muscularity. Whether an occasional hour of coaching to fine tune or an in-depth strategic engagement.

We’ll help you create your plan, messages, decks, persona. Offer objective and experienced perspective. To change the way you think. Make you more efficient. Use your limited time more productively.

We’ll help you solve problems and side-step others. Adapt. Read the signs and Pivot.

Think of us as part of your team. Expect no less than expert advice, honest feedback, and just plain friendly support.

An Impressive Track Record

We have coached, mentored, and trained thousands of startups and established organizations of all sizes and ilks, helping them redefine their business strategies, secure funding, create strategic partnerships, and drive investors and markets to action.