Communication Accelerator 

A unique accelerator focusing on your strategy and the development of the vital messages and materials you will need to succeed

If you falter or outright fail, I hope it is because your idea sucked.

Not that you had a good idea, but just couldn’t convince anyone.


– Chuck Goldstone

A Different Kind of Accelerator

There are excellent incubators and accelerators teaching broad skills of entrepreneurship. They can go wide, but cannot plunge deep in some critical areas.

Yet one vital area of that demands a deeper dive is communication.

Your must define the story you tell others, but start with the story you tell yourself. 

Tools to Launch • Flourish

This intensive accelerator laser-focuses on strategy and story, the bloodstream skills that run through everything you do. Everything.

In a mere five weeks, you will become communication savvy and develop the key messaging to reach nearly every audience.

You will apply the practices of most successful companies and communications professionals and leave with the foundation for nearly any deck, pitch, or message you will need.

You’ll use a vetted, highly-effective, step-by-step process to create what you need with with astounding impact and limited angst.

And you will use these same tools to assure that your core idea and business strategy are actually the right ones. You will sculpt your company’s unique persona, voice, and image and will assure your audience understands who you are, what you do, and why they should care.


During the five weeks, you’ll be creating your own materials. You’ll leave with skills and confidence and have communications and pitches others will envy and try to copy.


You’ll Focus On

STRATEGY A custom long-term and short-term communication strategy and ways adapt them as you grow and pivot.

A comprehensive matrix of stakeholders, their needs, and ways to reach them, whether formally or informally.

CORE STORY A clear and simple, non-technical description of who you and what you do, in ways your audience can immediately understand and that differentiates you from others you audience may confuse you with.

TAGLINE AND GRABBER A meaningful tagline, a vital one-line grabber, poetically crafted, ah-ha igniting, without vagary or cliché and without jargon that confuses.

BRANDING. IMAGE. A unique branded look-and-feel that and reflects your unique persona.

ELEVATOR PITCH An advanced and much more effective version of the traditional elevator pitch to springboard-interest and to encourage follow up.

TEMPLATES A collection of adaptable templates and content outlines, covering most major types of presentations you will give.

Specific and highly-adaptable decks and demos unique to your needs, for nearly any audience. You will develop these with professional supervision and recommendations.

THE INCENTIVE AND CONFIDENCE to put these to immediate use.

Just Some of the Topics

The accelerator focuses on Strategy, Content and Story Flow, Support Material, and Delivery. Topics include:

  • Power of story for startups and why traditional pitches are less-than-ineffective
  • Navigating the startup white rapids
  • Setting your own goals and priorities
  • Identifying Stakeholders (who you need and who needs you) and how to reach them
  • Science of persuasion and influence: How others decide
  • Presentations, communications, and materials you must have
  • Content: The right content at the right time. How to write efficiently and confidently
  • Brainstorming and creativity development tools
  • Finding ways to differentiate 
  • Conveying complexity and technical/quantitative information simply
  • Professional look-and-feel and the importance of image. Your persona
  • Producing decks and using slides in way that most do not (Avoiding pitfalls)
  • Guidelines, templates, and outlines and how to adapt for audience, timeframe, or venue
  • Four versions of materials you will need
  • Rehearsal and self-critique tools
  • Delivery skills and attributes of the poised and confident presenter
  • Exploiting the Q and A —- often more important than your formal pitch
  • Demos: how to use them and avoiding common disasters
  • Language and business culture differences: Pitching in the US and aboard
  • Finding and nurturing a mentor network
  • Avoiding the mistakes that others have made
  • Using video and other media and formats
  • Awing, inspiring, and moving audiences to action


5 Weeks.

Sessions. Individualized Mentoring, Professional Services. Materials. Follow Up

Introductory and Early Registration Rate   $2450  (Regular price $4200)


Apply for the session beginning March 1. Application fee waived.

Cohort size limited to 12.

To enroll. Click here.  Or for more information, contact us. 

For those who say, ‘I can’t think about doing this until I get funding,’ think again. Presenting the right story is precisely what you need to do to GET funding.

– Seth Bauer, Advisor and Mentor