Development and Production

Materials that reflect the caliber of your idea and the image you want to project. Capturing and conveying both information and your persona. Not looking like everyone else’s.


Just because you say it doesn’t mean it’s heard.

– Chuck Goldstone

When the Stakes Are High

Your deck, video, or introductory materials may be the first (or only) thing your intended audience may ever see, and will be sole factor in whether you hear back from them or not.

Far too many great ideas die in the wake of an ineffective or simply lackluster pitch, video, or email introduction. Do not underestimate the impact your materials and image have and their power to attract or repel.

You must represent yourself with materials that command attention, that are elegant in delivering a clear message, that are easy and pleasing to read. Engaging without being distractive or cloyingly glitzy. A good story. Conveyed beautifully. If your materials are an afterthought, you will be as well.

So it is wise to invest in the assets that will open doors, pique interest, and get you a second look.

Producing our own may be among the most difficult things we do. We are just too close. Ergo, when it comes to creating this vital business asset, you want someone who is as good at it — as you are at what you do.

Especially when you have so much riding on it.

The Right Approach

  • Helping you select the right medium, approach and style.
  • Making it engaging as well as informative and compelling
  • Planning for future growth and adaption from the get-go. Easily. Economically.
  • Streamlining production time, allowing you to focus on your business, not a producing decks and videos
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of PowerPoint and media that victimize others
  • Projecting a professional image and consistency in your look-and-feel
  • Creating materials that will make you proud and impress your audience. 


We bring decades of experience designing and producing attention-capturing awe-stoking award-winning, action-driving materials, linking clients with concept, style, and medium.

We have developed high-end, high-impact materials for Fortune 100 companies like Pepsi-Cola, Astra-Zeneca, IBM, Keurig, as well as materials for startups looking for meteoric growth.

We can offer up a team of the most experienced creative and technical talent and a step-by-step process to make it not-so-stressful, not-so-time-demanding, and not-so-expensive-in-the-long-run.

The Right Format

It starts by choosing the right medium for your message and audience.
Knowing how to exploit its muscle and magic. Making it pretty. But more, important, making it magnetic and persuasive.


Imposing presentations, strategically adapted for each audience, whether investor, market, or other stakeholders. Differentiating your live presentation vs. decks to be sent out. Avoiding common pitfalls of and amateur mistakes. Using decks in ways others do not.

Securing both high-end templates and proprietary designs. From outline-to-final, along with tools to adapt to a variety of audiences. Decks that will clarify. Underscore. Embed. Impress.


Whether a clip for a website or pitch, a self-contained story, canned version of a deck, or video-demo that is streamlined and will not fail, the best media weave pictures and sounds so elegantly they make viewers forget they are looking at a video, and completely immerse them into a memorable story. Movies that are transportive and cliché feel.

We bring decades as visual designers, scriptwriters, producers of broadcast television and thousands corporate program,s marrying technical expertise with an artful eye and ear.

Writing and Editorial

Words are our paints. We’re pretty good at string them together. Converting your ideas into simple clear and compelling language for live narrative, print, digital media, or any venue where we convey ideas and feeling though the well-crafted words. Expressing complex ideas conversationally and simply, assuring a they are pleasure for entry though the eye or the ear.

Whether starting from scratch or editing your existing text, we marry your ideas to the right words, capture your voice, and make your audience lean forward and want to listen or read on.

Photographic and Illustrative Art

Pictures that clarify. Photographs. Infographics. Illustrations. Charts. Graphs. Whether from scratch or building on what you have. Handcrafted or computer-generated. Still or in motion. Beautifully composed, informationally complete. Technically uncompromising. Designed and produced by a team of very impressive designers, expert shooters and artists who promise to be finicky about the quality an impact of what they deliver.

Demos, Tutorials, and Simulations

Creating effective demos and simulations, simply and economically, and offering you secrets and tips to side-step the all-too-common mistakes that make put live pitches at risk. Tutorials and instructional materials that are concise, clear, unambiguous, instructionally sound, and visually rich. If your materials benefit from animation, 2-D, 3-D, r virtual or augmented reality, we’ll connect you experts who can make your demos (literally) seem to jump off the page.

We Can Do Some. Or It All.

A La Carte
Let us review and revise your existing materials, and supply the creative and technical talent you need a la carte:

  • Writing
  • Design
  • Art, Photography, Infographics
  • Audio and Video Production and Editing
  • And more

Or let us develop your message from scratch, from concept through writing, storyboard, audio and visual development, editing, and final production