Once have a story. You need to convey it to others.

Clearly. Simply. Impressively.

Well-crafted narratives. Elegantly wordsmithed proposal, scripts, and business plans that are easy-to-read, compelling, and clear.

Impressive slide decks to support your own presentations. Not the typical PowerPoint chock-a-block with complexities and things the amateurs think ought to be in slide deck. Eliminating the common and often fatal pitfalls that beleaguer most presenters and audiences. Packing your deck economically with what needs to be said and eliminating what does not.

Easy to read. Easy to understand. Eye catching. Reflecting a professional image. From outline to final, along with tools and templates to adapt to a variety of audiences. Using PowerPoint and other slide support in ways that most people do not. Decks that will be the ones remembered.

Video and film for your marketing and fundraising. Attractive. Reflecting the production value that viewers expect, yet at prices new-bee companies can afford. Built on years of experience in broadcast level production.

Working with some of the area’s best writers and producers, who will give style, image, and sound to your idea.

Next Steps...

Unparalleled experience as a leading communications authority and thought leader, helping individuals and organizations, in startups through global giants, craft compelling, persuasive, engaging, memorable strategies and stories that drive audiences action.