About Chuck Goldstone

Chuck Goldstone has been a communications and story guy for as long as anyone can remember. Starting first on-air in radio and television in Pittsburgh, then after a stint in academia, founding and running firms that help organizations harness communication, strategy, and story as a business and leadership asset. As author, mentor, entrepreneur, and creative catalyst, he has inspired both organizations and individuals to be more visionary, creative, persuasive, and confident.

Chuck was founder and CEO of !deaworks | IdeaCorporation of America, which for two-plus decades developed high-end strategies, training, and marketing for many of the planet's most pretigious companies, including Pepsi, General Cinema, Fidelity, Keurig, AstraZeneca, IBM, the Air Force and scores of industries and institutions in nearly every sector in the US, Canada, and Europe. Chuck is a nationally respected authority on business presentations, story, the creative process, and communications strategy.

He has coached, mentored, and trained hundreds upon hundreds of startups and his ground-breaking communications model and workshops have helped emerging companies redefine their business strategies, secure funding, create strategic partnerships, and drive move investors and markets to action.

He has developed a mission-vision onboarding systems for companies of all sizes, moving then from traditionally ineffective orientation programs to a program of training and acculturation, resulting in increased productivity, faster ramp-up speed, better internal communications, and increased retention employee satisfaction.

With his background in television and film, he has written and directed nearly 1000 video and film programs reaching millions of eyes in the Americas, Europe, and Asia and has developed the communication campaigns for firms.

As a radio and television commentator, Chuck was heard for more than a decade across the country on public radio's Monitor and Marketplace, and with over 120 appearances on CBS Radio/WBZ.

He is a humorist and author, he wrote THIS BOOK IS NOT A TOY! FRIENDLY ADVICE ON HOW TO AVOID DEATH AND OTHER INCONVENIENCES (St. Martin's Press. New York) and was a contributing author in a compilation of short stories res, Tom Wolfe, George Plimpton, Margaret Atwood, Dave Barry, Jim Lehrer and others.

Chuck is a popular keynote and workshop speaker. His entertaining and insightful presentations use humor and stories to keep audiences engaged and embed new practice and insights. He holds an M.Ed from Boston University in Instructional Design and Technology and has served on the faculty and Board of Trustees at a number of area colleges and universities. He continues to study with Robert McKee, internationally acclaimed story and screenwriting legend whose students include over 600 Academy and Emmy Award writers and fiction writers.

He is originally from Pittsburgh.

As much info and background about Chuck than anyone who is not a relative would ever want to know can be found on LinkedIn. Or just call and ask. He is happy to share his story.

Next Steps...

Unparalleled experience as a leading communications authority and thought leader, helping individuals and organizations, in startups through global giants, craft compelling, persuasive, engaging, memorable strategies and stories that drive audiences action.